Nestled in a bend of the Saint-Maurice River, the City of Shawinigan fascinates with its vast expanses of water and boreal forest, as well as its amazing cultural and scientific activities! The area, which covers nearly 1,000 square kilometres, lends itself to a wide variety of activities year round. Careful! It will draw you back again…

Shawinigan has preserved the heritage left by its early XXth century builders, and this area has become an increasingly popular vacation destination! Follow the magnificent river road to admire the splendid panoramas along the legendary Saint-Maurice River, always and forever at the heart of Québec’s history. The facilities at the beautiful Mauricie National Park make it easy to access and enjoy the region’s natural environment.

The local jewel is most defi nitely the famous Cité de l’énergie. It has a science centre, a centre for the history of energy, a 115-metre observation tower and a museum featuring “Le Canada dans le monde” and “Fire! Fire!” exhibition as well as the night show Amos Daragon. Among Shawinigan’s other attractions are the exquisite Notre-Dame-de-la-Présentation church, a national historic site, which contains the last major work of Ozias Leduc, the famous painter of sacred art from the late XIXth century.

Downtown Shawinigan, with its quaint restaurants, charming bistros, international award-winning microbreweries, friendly bakeries and distinctive cafés, is the perfect place for meetings and relaxation. A touch of the city, after spending time in the great outdoors!

Those who are in the know will tell you that one of the advantages of Shawinigan is that you can quickly access the magnifi cent natural landscapes, while being close to small urban delights like cafés, breweries, shops and great restaurants. Shawinigan - a city that offers the best of both worlds.

When the snow settles in, Shawinigan becomes a natural playground that is sought out by winter enthusiasts. Put on your knitted hats and mittens, the choices are endless! Snowshoeing, downhill skiing, nordic walking, cross country skiing, ice skating, dogsledding, sledding, snowmobiling, horse drawn carriage rides, snow scooter, the list goes on and on! Get out your boots and wool socks!

Among well-known sites to visit in Shawinigan are the famous Mauricie National Park, Vallée du Parc Sliding Centre, Vallée Rocanigan and Parc de l’Île Melville. Depending on what kind of experience you want - whether it’s excitement or relaxation, each location has something unique to offer! And if you don’t want the fun to stop, several options for cozy beds and a good night’s sleep await you in cottages, bed and breakfasts, inns and hotels.

Finally, what makes Shawinigan special is that it offers a perfect balance between nature and city life, with a rustic urban spirit that is perfect for vacations!